Spiritual Mentoring Consultations via Zoom

Spiritual Mentoring Consultations via Zoom.

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This is a Spiritual Mentoring consultation to get support with Spiritual & self-care topics, meditation, living as an empath, creating a healthy & beautiful home etc.  Receive guidance via Zoom.

Topic Examples

  • Spiritual Mentoring.
  • Daily self-care techniques.
  • Living as an Empath & protecting your energy.
  • Creating a healthy home and office environment through Feng Shui & Color psychology.
  • Angels, NDE, healing and other spiritual topics.
  • Building a meditation & spiritual practice.

Benefits of a Spiritual Mentoring consultation

  • Colleáyn has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the field of Healing, Spirituality & Intuitive Arts.
  • Receive personalized guidance, suggestions and tips for healthy living, meditation, Qigong, spirituality, creating a balanced & beautiful home, etc.
  • Receive the encouragement and confidence you need to move forward.
  • Save you time, trouble, and effort researching and discovering new tools that support you.
  • Feel hope as you transform your life to a healthier lifestyle.
  • See Colleáyn’s credentials in Healing, Qigong, Diet and more.
Consult Time

30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 1 Hour, 1 1/4 Hours, 1 1/2 Hours