Intuitive Astrology Sessions

Intuitive Astrology Consults

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Colleáyn has a unique style of combining intuition, Astrology and Angelic wisdom to help you on your path.  

By connecting with your Angels and looking at your Astrology Birth Chart, you will receive wisdom and guidance to help you on your path.  I can help give you a sense of the great potential that your Angels & Astrology Chart share about your journey & course in life.

  • A session with me is meant to help you receive insights, inspiration, clarity and guidance from the higher wisdom of your Angels and Masters.
  • I receive my information through the messages Angels give me, visions, feelings within my body, and your Astrology Birth Chart. (I will start doing predictive Astrology in 2021.)
  • Spirit is loving, wise, kind, uplifting and encouraging. The messages are always compassionate and are very helpful and healing.
  • Timing & Outcomes: Timing is the hardest thing to predict and find accuracy in. There are influences we cannot see. I will be doing timing and forecasting astrology sessions in 2021.
  • After your session you’ll have a deeper understanding of who you are, and how to nurture your soul path, body, mind and spirit.

This reading will help you if:

  • You wish to connect with your Angels
  • You need direction on your life path, career, gifts & talents of yours, spiritual topics, etc..
  • You want to understand yourself better.
  • You wish to gain peace, understanding & hope in uncertainty.
  • You are faced with multiple options & making choices between different paths
  • You need to get clarifying information about a complex situation
  • You could use some practical advice on how to proceed

What is not included in my scope of practice: I do not give legal or financial/investment advice or find missing items, people or pets.  I am not doing relationship readings at this time to let you know if someone is coming into your life.

** Note: You must be over the age of 18 to receive a reading from me.

Angelic Messages

My sessions are not psychic readings to predict the future, but rather sessions for spiritual guidance & soul growth.  I am not a fortune teller and even though the Angels may lay down some potentials for the future; timing and future outcomes in life are not set in stone. You and others around you have free will and make choices that influence the future. Any guidance received about relationships is to help you find understanding and peacefulness. This is not meant to invade others privacy, check up on them, nor to find out what they are thinking or doing, nor to change other people.

Let’s see what your Angels, Spirit & Astrology Chart have to share!


  • Appointment is needed. I am typically booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Email Colleáyn at colleayn at to see availability once payment has been made.
  • Fill out the Client Intake Form for this session.  I will need this filled out at least 3 days before your appointment to prepare your chart ahead of time.
  • Needed: (For yourself and anyone else you’re asking about.)
    • Clear Photograph (Within a year or so, with eyes facing the camera. I tune in through the photo)
    • Name
    • Location of individual
    • Age and birthdate
    • Fill out the necessary forms for the session.
  • Payment can be sent via the website store, send a check in the mail or request a PayPal invoice for credit card payments before the session.

Email reading tips:

  • ** I have provided examples of questions that spirit cannot answer and how to reframe the question so you get the most out of your reading here.
  • Follow up questions: When your reading is done, I no longer have access to the information I received. Therefore, unfortunately, I am not able to respond to “follow up” or “clarifying” requests in emails.  I go into an altered state to communicate in a higher vibration and I don’t remember most of what I picked up during your session.  You can purchase a follow up session and I will re-tune into you.

** Note: You must be over the age of 18 to receive a reading from me. 

Consult Time

30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 1 Hour, 1 1/4 Hour, 1 1/2 Hour