Thank you for choosing to have an Astrology Consultation with Colleáyn Klaibourne.

This session is a 10-minute video-recorded consultation sent to you via email.

Information to send to Colleáyn at least 4 Days before your session: 

  1. This Client Intake Form.  *All fields are required.
  2. Payment (Pay via website or Colleáyn can email you a PayPal invoice. If you prefer to send a check before the session, email Colleáyn for the address.)

Client Intake Form

The reason I ask for occupation is in case I'm seeing different work, hobbies, education, etc. that would be good for you to explore.


Birth Information for Astrology Chart

Please include your birth location, exact time of birth and if you were born in the am or pm.
Please write out the month. For example: January 1, 1999 or March 2, 2011.
Exact birth time is required in order to create an accurate astrology chart.
Ex. Birth Certificate (Hospital Record, Birth Record), Parental Memory, Baby book, Rectification from another Astrologer....


Questions for your Astrology Session

Please give enough information so I know what you are asking about. (It helps me so I understand it as clear as I can.). This type of email consultation is not good for “general outlooks”. If you ask a general question, the information that pops from your chart will refer to your Sun, Moon and Ascendant and refer more to your personality, “feeling” style, and natal strengths overview.


Thank you.


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