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Meet Your Angel Reading



Meet one of your Angels during this reading.

You have many Angels, and this is a reading to meet the one that wants to come forward for you at this time. It may be your Guardian Angel, an Angel who has a strong role in your life right now, or one that simply wants to come forward to connect with you.

I will share:

  • What this Angels looks like
  • Their name or nickname
  • How you can feel this Angel and connect with him/her
  • How he/she is helping you
  • And answer a question you have for your Angel. This would be a question for your Angel to connect deeper with them or for you to receive a special message for you alone, not for someone else.

This is a reading especially for you.

Connecting with your Angels offers great hope, strength & healing.


  • Appointment is needed. I am typically booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Email Colleáyn at colleayn at to see availability once payment has been made.
  • Needed:
    • Clear Photograph (Within a year or so, with eyes facing the camera. I tune in through the photo)
    • Name
    • Location
    • Age and birthdate
    • Your Question for your Angel
  • Fill out necessary forms to have session.
  • Payment can be sent via the website store, send a check in the mail or request a PayPal invoice for credit card payments before the session.
  • A reply message will be sent to show the request has been received.

Email reading tips:

  • Make your question as clear and specific as possible.
  • ** I have provided examples of questions that spirit cannot answer and how to reframe the question so you get the most out of your reading here.
  • Follow up questions: When your reading is done, I no longer have access to the information I received. Therefore, I do not respond to “follow up” or “clarifying” emails.  I go into an altered state to communicate in a higher vibration and I don’t remember most of what I picked up during your session.  You can purchase a follow up session and I will re-tune into you.  If you want to continue to go deeper on a question, it may be best for you to seek a phone reading instead, when they are available.

How you will receive it:  Readings are delivered by email. If Oracle cards were used as part of the reading, it will be delivered in the form of a PDF.

What is not included in my scope of practice: I do not give legal or financial/investment advice or find missing items, people or pets. For healing and health & wellness assessments, please look at the Qigong healing sessions.

** You must be over the age of 18 to receive a reading from me.