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Healing & Reading Client Intake Form

Healing & Intuitive Reading Client Intake Form

Thank you for choosing to have a Qigong Healing & Intuitive Reading with Colleáyn Klaibourne.
Each family member needs a separate intake form.


Information to send to Colleáyn at least 48 hours before your session: 

  1. This Client Intake Form.  *All fields are required.
  2. Photograph(s): Email or send Colleayn a clear, recent photograph(s) (within a year or so) with at least one with your eyes towards the camera.  (That is how I tune into you.)
  3. Submit Your Questions for Intuitive Reading Form is found here or you can email me your questions:
    1. Question(s) for your Intuitive Reading.
    2. Photograph(s) of anyone you wish for me to tune into.
    3. Names, Ages, Locations of individuals for me to tune into.
  4. Payment (Pay via website, send check in mail before session date, or Colleáyn will email you a PayPal invoice.)

I look forward to working with you.


Client Intake Form

The reason I ask for occupation is in case I'm seeing different work, hobbies, education, etc. that would be good for you to explore.
This information will not be sold or abused in any way.