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Free Healing Prayer List

Healing Prayer List

Free Prayer Requests

The prayer list is a way to receive special healing from Colleayn Klaibourne with any area of your life. Many people have noticed peacefulness, hope & healing as a result of receiving these very special and powerful prayers. You can submit your name and the names of others you would like to be included on the list. These can be members of your family, friends & loved ones, pets, neighbors, co-workers, nature & places, etc. The names you submit will remain on the list and receive prayers for the next 30 days.

Prayer List Instructions

To add names to the Prayer list, please submit the first & last name and location of the individual you would like to receive the prayers which Colleayn will offer on their behalf. This information helps her to pinpoint the energy to the person. Colleayn does not need any information about their specific needs or conditions if you choose not to add that information in the email.
If this request is something that you wish for me to be alert to due to a trauma, accident, medical emergency…, please add “alert” behind the person’s name. All names on the list are confidential and only seen by Colleayn.

If you would like to schedule a private healing session,
please contact Colleayn to schedule an appointment.

Free Healing Prayer Request

Please fill out each box completely to request a healing prayer.
Your information is kept confidential and is not given to any other outside party.
If you are having any trouble, please email your healing request to angelhealingrequest at

Please add the following information to the message box so Colleáyn can easily send healing energy to the person you are requesting  healing for.  It helps Colleáyn zero in on the person.

This information will not be sold or abused in any way.
Disclaimer: Prayer and Healing are complementary practices and are not intended to be a substitute the advice and treatment of a licensed health care professional. We strongly recommend that you seek a licensed health care professional for any physical, mental or emotional conditions.