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FAQ – Qigong

Qigong Frequently Asked Questions

Qigong FAQ’s

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is an Ancient Art of Healing practiced in China for over 5000 years. Qi = life energy and Gong = the work/benefits acquired through practice. Therefore, Qigong means working with the life force energy.

Qigong works gently with your energy system to remove blocks and open up your channels, filling you with the balanced energies of the universe. By restoring the normal flow of Qi, the body naturally and innately returns to balance so we can remain healthy physically and spiritually.
Qigong promotes serenity & relaxation, peace, happiness, and joy. It wakes up the internal life force to balance and keep our Qi flowing freely. It has been known to enhance ones life in unexpected ways. Just 20 – 30 minutes of daily Qigong meditation can bring profound results into your life.

What is a Qigong session like?

Qigong feels wonderful, like a massage for the soul, accelerating the healing process. You leave feeling a little lighter with a smile on your face. Within 15 minutes, you feel relaxed. Qigong is primarily done in quietness. You sit fully clothed on a chair, in a relaxed or meditative state. This is a non-physical touch session. I will stand a short distance from you and will use my hand to detect energy blockages. After that, many different hand motions will be used to pull in energy from the universe to clear the blockages. At times you may feel a gentle fanning from the sweeping of a hand near the body & movement of energy. Afterwards simple daily Qigong exercises and/or meditation techniques will be shown to obtain the benefits and relaxation from this ancient art.

Who can benefit from Qigong?

People come from all over the US and world to receive personal energy healing sessions with Colleayn. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes every condition can be treated and helped. Many individuals, with minor and major health & life concerns, have benefited greatly by practicing Qigong. Colleáyn has worked with many people with chronic and terminal illnesses, life altering conditions & limitations, feelings of lack of motivation and passion for life, or who want to make a deeper connection with themselves and others. She has seen and experienced how helpful Qigong can be. Even if someone has severe or chronic blockages and the damage is irreversible, while Spring Forest Qigong may not be able to help completely on a physical level, it can help with the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. In this case, people find meaning, energy, peace, and even new direction & hope in life.

Qigong Healing Benefits

A Qigong session provides benefits to individuals seeking improved health and vitality, including those coping with:

• Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain, blockages and imbalance
• Stress, depression and anxiety
• Chronic pain and fibromyalgia
• Job burnout and career stress
• Digestive, thyroid, lung, cancer, neurologic, diabetes, heart… problems
• Exhaustion
• Body image and weight balance issues
• Cancer and chemotherapy
• Grief and loss
• Lack of motivation and direction/passion in life
• Insomnia


• Gain energy
• Peacefulness, Joy, Relaxation
• Support before, during and after surgery
• Understand path & potential
• A more positive outlook & greater insight on life and healing
• Leave with a smile on your face.

Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, facing a health challenge, or struggling with stress, seeking balance through Qigong will help you heal, find awareness, a new perspective, and gain hope.

What is health intuition?

Medical/health intuition is a knowing about physical issues in the body and the underlying thought patterns and life experiences that may contribute to the development of physical symptoms. This is not diagnosing illness which is done by a physician. This process involves understanding deeply the mind-body connection as it affects one’s health and well being. Typically, a health intuitive will ‘scan’ a client’s body (and being) – intuitively. It may be utilized in conjunction with traditional medical evaluation and care. Many health intuitives present information to the client in a way that is more holistic, and they often encourage clients to be participants in their healing.

How long will a Qigong healing session take?

A private session in person with Colleayn typically last 1 hour. During this session, we talk about the concerns of the individual and what the person wishes to address in their session, which takes about 10 minutes. The Qigong healing is about 20-30 minutes and follows with an intuitive assessment & information about what was picked up on, recommended exercises, etc. . Some individuals schedule more time to gain further insight from their session, to receive private Qigong instruction, and more.
Please see her fee sheet or private session’s area for long distance appointment information.

What is the frequency of visits?

The first 3 or more sessions may be scheduled close together. Treatment duration depends on the client’s needs. Every individual varies and depends on many factors such as the type of problem, how long the problem has existed. Everyone is different and responds differently to illness and healing. Clients need to follow up long enough to remove blockages so the body can heal itself and address the underlying imbalance. Clients are encouraged to practice Qigong exercises on their own to keep their channels open. Clients who do the suggested Qigong exercises will gain more benefits and may not need to come as often.

Will my blocks come back?

Qigong is successful when you work with it and make the necessary changes in your life that are creating stress, pain, and difficulties. Ongoing, consistent self-care is needed. Simple ways to keep your channels open is to meditate and do Qigong exercises, eat well, take care of your body, not worry so much, and live with love. It is important to make lifestyle changes that promote wellness and happiness. Daily Qigong exercises may be recommended to help you to continue to feel better and keep your channels open after your sessions have been completed. Any positive changes you make in your life are helping and do make a difference. While it is possible for you to experience instantaneous healing, for most people, it takes a period of time. The more advanced your physical problems or blockages, the longer it takes to heal and the more energy sessions you may need.

Is there religion involved?

Qigong has nothing to do with any religion. It is the study of energy flow in the body and also the study of the relationship between the body and nature. The more one practices qigong, the more it quiets the mind, helps the energy flow unobstructed through the body, and consequently opens up the spirit or heart energy. When people in the West hear someone say “mind/body/spirit,” they mistakenly think the spirit aspect is tied to a spiritual or religious practice. Qigong is a practice of life that nurtures wisdom, well-being and harmonious living.